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7 ways to improve the safety of the world

  1. Eradicate cash from global society. The drug cartels and the terrorist organisations and criminal gangs will find it harder to function, and bank accounts can be frozen if linked to criminal activity.
  1. Eradicate homelessness from the world by using the freely available resources in the environment, robots, encourage community spirit, encourage building companies to join in and donate labour, materials. There will be less violence on the streets. Less homeless people will be subject to violence, and there will be less homeless people having to commit crime to survive, homeless people able to get better help to cope with their addictions, which often can lead to crime, addiction, and violence. The more people back in work contributing to society, the more money there will be for healthcare, education and employment. Previously homeless people could start companies that go on to become very successful.
  1. CCTV connected to Drones, that can combat violence on the streets, such as Gun crime, knife crime, fights and protect people against people with guns and knives and suicide bombers quicker than the police and the security forces. They cannot despite their best efforts always arrive on time.
  1. Energy generation in the underground stations and railway stations, and In the streets of towns and cities in the country and the world. More energy generated can help eradicate the need for nuclear power, making the country and the world much safer.
  1. Keep increasing the speed of Air travel. People will be able to travel more cheaply, which will especially help those in poverty and help them find jobs. The increasing speed of air travel is shrinking the world. A plane is currently being built that can fly from London to New York in 1 hour. The increased speed in air travel will also increase the speed of weaponry, increasing the likelihood of being able to decimate whole countries in minutes, seconds, rendering war an incredibly stupid idea, as stupid and as futile as firing a nuclear missile.
  1. Global community network. Free access to the network without paying mobile phone connection fees, satellite fees, Wi-Fi connection fees. Free connection to education, accommodation, employment, healthcare (mental and physical video chats and audio chats with trained and qualified professionals). Free connection to a global loan system, where everyone on the planet who has the technology can connect to the network via mobile networks, wifi networks and satellite networks, and can borrow money off people around the world, potentially lifting huge numbers of people out of poverty across the entire world. A free digital library. The promotion of community projects and charities, and the eradication of the worlds major problems. Information on travel, and the environment, and government information, ie travel risks, global disaster warning, terrorism etc.
  1. Look at the statistics of any major world problem. If the statistics are increasing on a daily or yearly basis in huge numbers or barely decreasing at all, then we have the wrong solution in place. If the statistics for violence are increasing on a daily basis or a yearly basis, we are not teaching morals properly. If we do not teach morals properly violence is caused. If we have the wrong solutions in place, we waste money and resources, making the tackling of the problems harder and more expensive to solve.

Written by Ben Robinson


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