the eradication of homelessness

Education truly is the key to improving the world and saving human life much more effectively. When we look at the statistics of every single major world problem, we, as the human race have not put the right solutions in place to the world’s problems. Homelessness is a fine example!

The solutions to the world’s problems can be written down in three or four lines upon a page, and homelessness is the one of the biggest problems in the world.

We can eradicate homelessness by using the freely available natural resources in the environment, and we can use robots to build houses, we can encourage community spirit, and reuse building materials.

The governments of the world need to take back control and stop paying building companies over inflated prices to build houses. There are companies in the world that are building houses for £20,000, (for the cost of building materials only). And If I went down a builder’s merchants and bought 8000 bricks for £0.70p each, that would cost £5600. The building of houses does not need to be expensive. Human beings do not even need to be employed to lay the bricks of a house. If we use robots, we can save money. So, instead of paying £300,000 to build a house, we can spend £20,000 per each house as a nation, and also not every homeless person is single, so we would not have to build 330,000 houses for example, but we could build extra to cope with the current economic climate and the UK Government could rent them out. And by building houses using the explanation above, we could save the country £86,000,000,000, and build 330,000 houses for £6,600,000,000.

We can also extend buildings in cities and towns across the country by adding extra floors to pre-existing buildings.

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